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«Marina Black Sea» Odessa

· Name of Project
«Construction and operation of world-class yacht port «Marina Black Sea» near the city of Odessa,
· Company’s and project owner contact details
LLC «Southern Center for Development of Tourism “Regionecotour”»
Short title: LLC «SCDT “Regionecotour”»
The state registration: on May, 26th, 2003.
Legal status: Limited Liability Company.
Ownership - private.

· Loan request
The amount of necessary investments in the project is 70 million USD.
Financial parameters
Ø Timeframe of investments: 5 years
Ø The Period of a recoupment (PP): 5 years
Ø Profitability scheduled – from 35 %
Ø Timeframe of return of investments – 10-20 years
· Location – City / Country
Mailing address:
 Odessa region, Ukraine,
· Type of Project
Type of the project – investment.
Type of the project – mixed (building, social, economic, technical, multilateral).
Class of the project the monoproject.
Scale – regional.
· Briefly describe investment proposal/Short Executive Summary
The project provides creation at coast of Black sea in suburb Odessa, according to international
ecological certified system " Blue flag " for objects of tourism at coast, modern, the international level
yacht marina on 500 (with prospect of expansion till 1000) anchor seats, with the expanded set of
Courts including years parking on water, winter storage on coast, technical service, restaurant both
hotel service of yachtsmen and tourists.

Construction of yacht port provides significant use of coastal territory and water area of the sea, and
(Ukraine) is positioned by the company as the adequate investment project of transport, tourism, sports
and a recreation of the Odessa region.
· Industry and Technology
Objects of construction:
ü hydraulic engineering marine protective constructions;
in a coastal part of yacht port:
ü a hotel complex and guest houses of cottage type;
ü restaurants, bars, the SPA-center, athletic fields ;
ü customs and boundary item;
ü yacht club with administrative - farm buildings;
ü parking;
ü slip boathouses;
ü driveways;
ü engineering communications.
The area of designed harbour - 20 hectares, is calculated on 500 lay seats for yachts and courts of
a various class which include:
ü 3 parking for courts of 40 m х10 m;
ü 4 parking for courts of 30 m x 7 m;
ü 20 parking for courts of 25 m x 6 m;
ü 26 parking for courts of 20 m x 5,5 m;
ü 24 parking for courts of 18 m x 5 m;
ü 83 parking for courts of 15 m x 4,5 m;
ü 120 parking for courts of 12 m x 4 m;
ü 220 parking for courts of 10 m x 3,5 m.
The list of possible services in yacht port, grouped by types:
· Services on parking
· Cleaning service of yachts
· Services on maintenance service
· Services on training
· Services on rest
· Services on hire and rent
· Services on the organization of competitions and actions
· Other services.
Realization of the project will allow to create in northern Black Sea Coast the first yachtport
providing a full set of services of the international level:
l Granting of the parking protected and protected for excitement for yachts at a mooring or in water
area of marina;
l Granting of a supervised parking for small courts on coast during the internavigating period;
l Rise of small courts from water on coast and their descent to water;
l Off-season maintenance and preparations for the navigation of ships;
l Transportation a cordon of an elevating arrangement on belonging to marina platforms of
interseasonal storage of courts;
l Repairs, depending on the capabilities of the workshops for vessels, marine equipment and power

l Providing water and electricity at the shore front and on special sites belonging to the marina off-
season storage vessels;

l Bunkering fuel and lubricants;
l Providing services to charter boats and rental boats, windsurfers, jet.

Thus it is provided:
l a safe input of courts in water area of marina and an output in the sea;
l a pilotage wiring (if it is required);
l carrying out of salvage operations (together with public services);
l Liquidation of emergency floods of mineral oil in water area of marina;
l Towing support of courts (vessels limited ability to control a narrow);
l Mooring support of courts (by inquiry of the captain);
l Safe landing to vessels and landings from courts of people;
l Rendering the first medical aid.
· Experience and Track Record
The company LLC «SCDT “Regionecotour”» - a command of professionals which prime objective is
at the most effective realization of projects in area of the real estate and granting of the most
qualitative services for clients of the company.
Subject matter of activity of the company: development, management of the commercial real estate,
activity in area of engineering, consulting, construction of buildings (hotels) and water constructions
(yacht marinas), services in area of marine passenger transport, tourist activity.
One of directions of activity of the Company is attraction of long-term investment means in
infrastructural projects and programs of the company, with objective of their realization, the decision
of problems in the field of social area, ecology, tourism, creation of new workplaces.
Professionalism and responsibility - the basic principles of the «Southern Center for Development of
Tourism “Regionecotour”» , confirmed by years of experience in investment and tourism market. All
this time the company has been demonstrating a high level, the ability to work professionally in the
field of recreation and tourism, as well as the ability to develop and implement in a public-private
partnership investment programs of development of territories and valuable investment projects in
transport, tourism, sport and recreation.
Current key business areas:
l As for today the company initiated current key directions of business and conducts some large
investment projects in Ukraine, appropriating world ecological norms, in using which constant
workplaces with good working conditions and social guarantees will be created.
l New projects of the company involved in various spheres, in particular, such as real estate,
transportation, ecology, tourism.
l We are creating a new lifestyle for Ukraine.
· Do the principals have title to this property and what is the status of the appraisal
The actives put by the Borrower (LLC «SCDT “Regionecotour”») in the Project, is estimated for a
total sum 10 million million USD.
· What are the other assets that the principals have or will contribute to the project
Own expected contribution of the initiator: cost of material and non-material actives, money resources.
· Do the principals have all the necessary entitlements
The customer of construction of yacht port is LLC «SCDT “Regionecotour”».
The object of construction is included in the General plan of area Kominternovskoe, the Odessa
The customer cooperates with the authorities Chernomorskoe city on the basis of the Contract of
cooperation with elements of state-private partnership.
Tap of the ground area and necessary permits for work on it is received. The Location of objects
international yacht port in borders of settlement Black Sea is coordinated with the state ecological
inspection of Northwest region of Black sea 08.07.2009 2384/09.
The complex expert judgement «Ukrinvestekspertiza» is received positive; the Project « Construction
international yacht port «Black Sea marina» at coast of Black sea in area Kominternovskoe, Odessa
areas (Ukraine) » it is included in the list priority investprojects the Odessa regional state

The issue of allocation of waters of the territorial sea for the construction of the marina. Negotiations
with the government (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) in this direction are underway.
· We need a projection (pro-forma), showing the anticipated annual revenue and net income of the project
for a three year period
Financial parameters, currency

Last year,


1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year
The income from sales 100000 30000 40000
Operational expenses
Including expenses on marketing and

5000 500 1000 1000 1250 1250
Amortization 1000 1000
Operational profit (before payment
of taxes and % under credits)

30000 15000 15000
The personnel 300 50 100 150 200 300
Demand for financing 70000 30000 40000
Including for purchase of a fixed

30000 5000 25000
For updating turnaround means 10000 5000 5000
For development of a new product 20000 10000 10000
Another 10000 10000

· Specific breakdown of the use of funds

Direction of investments Investments ,
Thousands USD

% From the general

Predesign and design works. The repayment of the ground.
Reception of permits and coordination.

10010,0 14,3%

Strengthening of coast. Construction of piers and berthing front
in water are of marina. An accomplishment of territory.

24081,7 34,4%
Construction of yachts-clubs with a wardroom 1628,3 2,3%
Construction of administrative buildings and constructions 2656,7 3,8%
Construction SPA-and sport centers 5913,3 8,4%
Construction of hotels and guest houses 15260,0 21,8%
Another 3500,0 5%
Contingencies 7000,0 10%
The general investments under the project 70.000,0 100%
· Current financial statements are required from the principals or entity. Credit Score?
Debts and outstanding credits at the Enterprise are absent.
· Off take Agreements (list type/supplier/customer etc)
Reports on intentions and contracts with establishments, the organizations and the companies on
construction of yacht port within the limits of the project are concluded:
- Agreement on cooperation with the authorities Chernomorskoe from 04.12.2006 according to the
decision of the village council session of the Chernomorskoe No 102-V on December 4, 2006 about the
possibility of site selection and contract of cooperation;
- The contract No ПР-06/07 on performance of design works from 27.04.2007;
- The contract No 620 about carrying out of complex state expert appraisal of the project with Odessa
regional service Ukrinvestekspertizy, from 30.11.2007;

- The сontract No 357-1 - 28/08.07 project development land with private enterprise "UKRLEND, from
- The сontract of cooperation with PKF Proektgidrostroy », from 12.03.2008;
- The сontract No1 on the provision of marketing, advertising and organizational services with subjects of
entrepreneurial activity Kilivnik Viktor from 5.04.2007;
- Contract No 4 / 05 to carry out design and survey works with utilities' «Odessa regional architectural and
planning office», on 16.05.2008;
- The contract for carrying out design and survey works from 20.05.2008;
- Agreement on a comprehensive legal service with LLC law firm «YURBIZNESKONSALT» from
- Work Contract by 17.07.2008;
- Work Contract PVBMR-02/05/08-K from 20.07.2008;
- Agreement on the establishment of scientific and technical products with SE «Odessa center of the
Southern Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography», from 28.07.2009;
- Work Contract by 14.08.2009;
- Agreement of cooperation with Open Society «Nikitovsky granite quarry», on 25.12.2009;
- The contract number C-010 with the PE «Intermarinasinvest», from 11.01. 2010;
- The Report on intentions with the Odessa regional state administration, from August, 20th, 2010;
- The Report on intentions with Management of culture and tourism by the Odessa regional state
administration, from February, 04th, 2011;
- The Report on intentions with the "AstraMarinas", from April, 04th, 2011.
Negotiations on a protocol of intent and agreements for construction of offshore yacht of the terminal
with the Finnish company «Marinetek», the Belgian company «Jan De Nul NV», American companies
«IGY» and "ATM".
· Feed-in Tariffs
Tax concessions are registered in the new tax code and Laws of Ukraine.
· Project Timetable


Building complexes The beginning of

The termination of

Predesign and design works. Reception of permits and

2010-2012 2015

The repayment of the ground. Strengthening of coast.
Construction of piers and berthing front in water area .

2012 2015
Construction of yachts-clubs with a wardroom. 2012 2015
Construction of administrative buildings and constructions 2012 2015
Construction SPA-and sport centers. 2012 2015
Construction of hotels and guest houses.
An accomplishment of territory.

2012 2015
The general investments under the project, USD 70.000.000,00 100%

Professional experience:
Professional work of the beginnings in 1974. The basic work-the organization and performance
of civil work, delivery of objects to the customer, technical support. Experience of working with labour
collective - had an operational experience in submission more than two hundred people.
Since 2003 – the Chief Executive of LLC «SCDT “Regionecotour”».
The expert on development and support business-projects, I own questions of creation and mechanisms
of realization of investment projects, features of investment activity, as well as questions economic,
technical and organizational support of investment projects in the field of industrial and civil
construction, including objects of a tourist infrastructure.
I have an operational experience with investment and financial establishments, the state and local
authorities, the building organizations, manufacturers of materials and the equipment.
· Financial Summary
The basic conclusions by results of the analysis
of realization of the project
Total of investments, USD 70.000.000,00
Timeframe of the beginning of return of investments 3 year
The saved up net profit in the end of timeframe of the project, USD 22.330.000,00
Time of recovery of outlay in view of discounting money resources 4 year
Current cost of the project NPV (Net Present Value) , USD 42.000.000,00
Internal rate of return(IRR) more then 35%

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